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high temperature powder coated cage


technical specification for painting_shandong aobo


shandong aobopowder coated/painting is a modern method of pre-coating steel elements for corrosion protection. the advantage of this processing is its high aesthetics and good ground for further covering methods such as powder coating. support cages pre-coated have many years guarantee at working temperatures of up to 300oc.


1.    put the cage into oil removal pool for 15 min to remove the grease and oil which is on the cage surface.

2.    put the cage into cleaning pool to remove the oil remover which come from step1

3.    put the cage into rust remove pool to remove the metal oxide layer to strength adsorption force

4.    put the cage into phosphating pool to strength adhesion force

5.    put the cage into the big oven, and temperature is 100, and about 20~30 min, to remove the surface moisture

6.   put the cage into the shot blasting machine line, to remove the burr;

7.    put the cage into painting room, and alesta® powder painting treatment, the thickness of painting is about 60μm100μm

8.    put the cage into a big oven, firstly temperature is 220, about 120 min, after that, temperature is 200, about 30 min, then natural cooling. the best efficiency of the thickness is about 80-120μm


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