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camel hair wadding insulaton

product description

ab- cht insulation, camel hair wadding  is light, fine and soft. it can absorb up to 30 percent of its own weight in liquid and provides a dry and comfortable sleeping climate. the specific feature of camels is their adaptability to the extreme temperature variations of their habitat. in the dry areas and semi-deserts, their fur protects them both against cold up to -30°c and against heat up to 40°c.

like other natural wool fibres, camel hair can be either needlepunched, needlepunched on a carrier web or thermally bonded. a blending of different wool fibres with each other or with other materials is possible. if fine quality fibres such as camel hair are blended with other raw materials, a pretreatment is required to improve their blending capability.

fiber composition                                           

insulation: camel hair


intended uses

apparel, quilt, comforter, etc.

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