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chinas environmental protection industry development prospects
article source : shandong aobo release time : 2015-04-27 pv :times

environmental protection industry includes three aspects: first, environmental protection equipment (products) production and management, mainly refers to water pollution control equipment, air pollution control equipment, solid waste disposal facilities, noise control equipment, radioactive and electromagnetic pollution protection equipment, environmental monitoring analytical instruments, environmental agents, such as the production and management. second, comprehensive utilization of resources, refers to the use of waste recycling of various products, waste utilization, waste (water) utilization, waste gas utilization, recycling of waste materials. third, environmental services, refers to the provision of technology, management and engineering design and construction, and other services for environmental protection.

1. the development and protection of natural resources and environmental protection industry type

development and protection of natural resources and environmental protection industry, including the type of natural resource development and protection of the environment in order to improve the ecological environment of ecosystems, protecting the environment from further deterioration and restore balance and other activities carried out. such as vegetation restoration, desert governance, development and protection of groundwater resources, species diversity, development of new energy sources, it is an important part of sustainable development, has an important position in the world of environmental protection and sustainable development strategy in china. resources are green national accounts an important part of the development and protection of natural resources as an important component of the environmental protection industry, china will help to overcome the management of resources and the environment caused by the deterioration of the environment separately, reduce the level of sustainable development of the grim situation.

investment development and protection of natural resources and environmental protection industries based mainly in the development and protection of resources (such as green building, etc.) and a variety of research activities to restore the ecological balance in investment, production (management) costs (such as desert control) & nbsp; and abandoned short-term benefits (such as returning farmland to forest, farmland and lakes). its output value is mainly environmental resources (such as forest reserves, water reserves, species diversity, etc.) increases and various losses (such as floods, desertification, etc.) & nbsp; reduced. specific performance net increase in production at the time of the use of economic and environmental accounting systems integration (seea) domestic (edp) of.

natural resources development and huge investment protection-type environmental protection industry in seea is not perfect, its effect on output in the national statistical system is not reflected, but to increase its output is an important way to achieve sustainable development of the national economy it is a long-term benefit. most economic activity in these industries into a huge, slow, consumer output objects indivisible and non-exclusive and other "public goods" feature, basically do not have the market conditions. therefore, the development strategy should adopt a co-ordinated planning, unified investment, unified management of the main ideas. environmental degradation in china is largely due to lack of resources macroeconomic management, capital investment is not enough. in the development of countermeasures, should as china's economic strength, at a faster rate to increase capital investment, while a good plan, and strengthen the management of funds.

2. clean production environmental protection industry

cleaner production is through the effective use of resources, alternative and re-use of scarce resources, resources to achieve conservation and rational use of resources in the production process, reduce the generation of waste and pollutants and emissions, waste and pollution in order to achieve reduction, recycling and safe. from the perspective of environmental protection look cleaner production and environmental protection industries, including research, development and production process using advanced technology and equipment to reduce emissions from the production process waste, improve resource use efficiency and energy and reduce harmful products content.

as early as in 1994 published "china's agenda 21", china will carry out clean production include sustainable development strategy and major operations, and to develop a basis for action, objectives and action content. 1998 also proposed "to encourage enterprises to implement cleaner production," the call at the state department, "government work report". cleaner production as an important component of the environmental protection industry, is an important guarantee for achieving sustainable development is to achieve an important strategic measure pollution from the "end of pipe" to "front-end governance" of change, but also to join wto & nbsp; after the enterprises to improve product international competition important countermeasure force.

cleaner production and environmental protection industry inputs and outputs goods scattered in various industries in the production process, is capable of all market-oriented industry, complete with a mechanism inside each industry self-accumulation and development. the main factors restricting the development of cleaner production and environmental protection industry, china is the market mechanism. therefore, we should take the whole business-oriented development strategy, the government through policies and funding to increase cleaner production technologies and innovative efforts to support and promote business research, development and promotion of clean production technology, equipment and clean products. at the same time, the measures taken in china to promote the implementation of iso14000 standards, training, market development and improvement of the environmental protection industry, standardize the market order.

3. environmental pollution-control industry

污dye source controlled environmental industry performance in the real world into two major parts, one is the variety of all kinds of pollution treatment processes within the enterprise and the production of waste and pollution treatment provided for these companies, utilization and recycling technologies and equipment manufacturers; the second is to focus on a variety of emissions, utilization and recycling company, for an extension of the production process in nature photogenic. the latter is an independent input and output statistics, and the former is difficult to divide into separate sectors, is more difficult to perform input and output (especially output) statistics.

environmental pollution-control investment industry, including funding of the goods, the upstream enterprises to provide a variety of intermediate goods and labor; their output of pollutants, including providing processing services and protecting the environment are two aspects of the sewage business, its industry, this function duality development provides a premise.

environmental economics theory that, with the gradual improvement of the economic system, the gradual transformation of government functions, pollution control services has more characteristics of public goods, the investment will be more dependent on government finances of public input. however, the output of pollution-control function of the environmental protection industry has a dual nature; the one hand, protecting the environment is a common feature of such goods industry output; on the other hand, it also has to provide pollutant treatment for sewage business functions, from person point of view, with a more complete input-output system. after pollution control functions socialization, which has a market-oriented service functions (ie pollution control as a service available to all emitters) foundation. thus, in different stages of economic development, can take different industrial policies. china is currently in the early stages of economic development in the future for a longer period of time, should be taken as a guide to government investment, policy-oriented, business-oriented development strategy, relying on the joint role of the market and the government, through a variety of administrative and economic means to guide the comprehensive strength of science and technology, finance, management, community involvement, to form a "government organizations, sector-led, corporate-funded" new mechanisms to provide market-type conditions for pollution control and environmental protection industry, forming a virtuous accumulation and development mechanism. in the more advanced stages of economic development, because of its size and economic characteristics of spillover effects in the adjustment of administrative and economic policies, the government controlled by the government, acquisitions, etc., by the government-controlled part of the industry that will be used as infrastructure construction and management, to provide this part of public goods and services by the government.

4. the type of environmental pollution control industry

pollution control means later when contaminants have been released into the environment and have no economic effect generated externally, through the use of pollution control technology to reduce the content of harmful substances in the environment, so as to improve the environmental quality of the way.

type of pollution into the environmental protection industry, including funding of the goods, the upstream enterprises to provide a variety of intermediate goods and labor, and its related industries are mainly owned the goods and intermediate goods production enterprises. development of pollution control type environmental protection industry can provide the needs of its upstream business (mainly environmental protection machinery manufacturing and chemical industries) development. however, due to the complete public goods characteristics of their output, and some environmental issues related to the entire basin and even global environmental problems, and that the investment and operating costs of pollution control is much greater than the pollution control, and the output of the benefit-cost ratio very low, do not have any market conditions.

due to historical debts and rapid economic development, china's environmental situation is quite serious, pollution control complex, heavy, coupled with chinese environmental laws and regulations and environmental protection technology behind the weaker economy, china's environmental risk continues to deteriorate . type of pollution control and environmental protection industries, should be taken as the main body to the government's development strategy, stepping up the establishment and improvement of environmental laws and regulations, strengthen law enforcement, the implementation of direct government control measures to crack down on all kinds of constraints and failure to abide strictly enforced behavior, at the same time, the central and local governments should develop and target execution environment planning, implementing capital investment plans, and improve environmental management practices of various funds, effectively assume control pollution and improve the quality of environmental responsibility.

because of the complexity of the environmental protection, the development of environmental protection industry should be integrated use of market instruments and government forces, development strategies and policies were based on the characteristics of various types of environmental protection industry. in particular, through the construction of the market mechanism, make full use of all sorts of smaller, quick economic instruments to promote the rapid development of clean production and environmental protection industry, environmental protection and pollution-control industry, to reduce the pressure faced by chinese environmental ecology.

[6] according to the environmental protection department of environmental planning wang jinnan, vice president and chief engineer estimated that china's demand for pollution control in the "second five" huge demand for many areas to reach hundreds of billions of levels: as individual stock desulfurization project investment of about 133 billion yuan, especially denitration demand; urban sewage treatment is about 430 billion yuan; garbage about 263.6 billion yuan; urban drinking water source restoration project investment of about 39.9 billion yuan; focus on water pollution remediation projects 138.5 billion yuan; rural environmental protection waste management project is about 73.9 billion yuan. such a huge investment demand will stimulate environmental protection equipment industry, pollution control services and other industries rapid development.

in addition, wang jinnan expected, china will increase the "twelfth five-year" period for rural environmental engineering planning efforts.[6] 

in wang shiwen view, the future of environmental protection industry can be roughly divided into two directions, one to delay, prevent environmental pollution and deterioration preventive, and second after the pollution and destruction have caused the problem and developed for pollution control and environment repair enterprises. he believes that the pollution control industries will peak in the next 10 years, while the resource recycling and prevention of type of environment companies will be rapid development of the situation presented in the category of environmental remediation companies will become a major industrial power. [6] 

high zhao believes that the potential for environmental protection industry is huge, especially in pollution control. he said the number of "second five" urban sewage pipe network and waste treatment plants compared with the "eleventh five-year" period have to be doubled, china still has 435 county did not build sewage treatment plants, 1000 no major county garbage treatment plant. in the case of environmental pollution situation is grim, china should focus, define the scope of reasonable environmental protection industry, emphasis on pollution control technology, equipment, products and services, dilute the cleaner production, resource recycling and other industries, while guiding the development of environmental pollution control services .[6]