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iron & steel industry - guide to bag filters and cages

leading filtration solutions

for the iron & steel industry


in the iron & steel industry, great value is placed on the de-dusting of the processes. high performance filtration products are decisive when it comes to the adhering to low dust emissions. the steel manufacturing industry can no longer be imagined without our filter bags and cages

the particle sources can be:

  • melting and refining activities (bf - blast furnace, bof - basic oxygen furnace, eaf - electric arc furnaces), cast house emissions, gas from the top of the furnace during the bf cleaning, oxygen injection and decarburizing phases (primary off-gas emissions), charging/tapping (secondary off-gas emissions)
  • heating and remelt furnaces (depending of type of fuels used)
  • mechanical action (e.g. scarfing, grinding and sand blasting)
  • materials handling (e.g. raw materials, additive, recycled and waste materials, and by-products)
  • coal storage, conveying, charging, coking, pushing, and quenching
  • continuous casting (transfer of molten steel to the mold and cutting of the final product by oxy-fuel torches)
  • thermal processes includingcoke making, sintering, pelletizing, and direct reduction


dust collection may be accomplished by baghouses


aobo offer includes:

  • various filter media and bags for different steps of iron & steel production, the main fibers used are polyester, meta-aramid, pps, including standard and special treatment of media (eg. heat-set-singed treatment (hydro-oil repellent, microfiber, nanofiber, ptfe membrane)
  • our products are available as rolls (widths up to 2,40 m) and finished bags with lengths up to 10 meters, top cuff with steel band or ring (for circular and oval bags).
  • our bags have perfect fit in the cell plate hole and negligible dust penetration from the top cuff.
  • support filter cage with different materials upon the requirement: etc.
  • services and technical assistance

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