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technical paddings in sleeping & mattress

sleeping comforter/bag| pillow/ mat/ topper/ carpet | furniture | mattress

advance technical paddings

aobo fillings’ exceptional properties increase comfort and provide the basis for restful sleep.

very good processing properties combined with countless versions with respect to weight, coating, layer construction and thread thickness make the materials a key component of exceptionally high-performance textile products.

- natural paddings products
a big collection of natural paddings with virgin and plant-based fibers.
material: gots organic wool/cotton, natural wool, cashmere, camelhair, cotton, mulberry silk, bamboo, pla, lyocell, flax, kapok etc.

- technical paddings products
our technical collection offers innovative and high performance paddings
material: flame-retardant viscose,/rayon, multilayer thermal-boned, graphene, far-infrared/thermo reactive minerals, etc

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(source: shandong aobo environmental protection technology co.,ltd)